Jurassic Park movie review

Jurassic Park movie review

This movie boasts Academy Award-winning particular effects with a lot of frightful moments and good laughs. Director Steven Spielberg and his team offer several stunningly realistic dinosaurs. The days of stop-motion lizards and jerking beasts of varying sizes have been replaced by animatronics and digital effects.

Jurassic Park also has a superb soundscape and you should hear it with a high-qualified sound system in order to get all the thrills. Of course, it isn’t always the best thing to actually see the monster. In Jaws, the early masterpiece of Spielberg, the audience couldn’t see the shark until well into the film and the suspense was excruciating. However, that kind of storytelling elegance is not here. A lack of character development weakens this thriller despite all its technical achievements. Spielberg usually sacrifices real human drama and 3-D characters to the thrill of the effects.

It is necessary to take seriously the terrifying realism of Jurassic Park. Both children and adults in theaters have turned away from the screen, especially during the young-children-in-peril sections. The movie’s effects are some less fearful if you watch at home on a smaller screen. Parents might want to watch ahead of time and gauge their kids’ response and sensitive younger kids might still want to avoid this one.

However, it’s worth noting that besides all the thrills, Jurassic Park also has some very funny touches. The animated movie detailing the dinosaurs resembles an elementary school educational movie from the 1970s.

The story follows three scientists who are brought to a secluded island and there they discover an amazing jungle paradise called JURASSIC PARK where dinosaurs walk on the Earth.

Dr. Ian Malcolm (by Jeff Goldblum) warns the creator of the preserve that nature will not be corralled into a theme park, and things go extremely wrong as a tropical storm strikes along with a corrupt computer programmer shutting down crucial security systems. During a night of terror, Ellie (by Laura Dern), Dr. Grant (by Sam Neil), and two kids are pursued by Tyrannosaurus Rex and some other violent dinosaurs. After many frightening chases and devorings, a showdown ensues.