Things you need to know about fiction books

Things you need to know about fiction books

Fiction books are literary works like the following genres:

• Novel

• Fables

• Short story

• Dramatic Theater and Poetry

Fictional books are wishful thinking about everything. Fictional authors often have incredibly magical imagination. If you’ve ever read a novel in your life, you’ve read fiction. There are many types of fiction books: books for teenagers, horror, novels containing historical elements … Next are fables, they are a genre of teaching literature, each story brings to give the reader a profound lesson. For example, George Samuel Clason’s “Richest man in Babylon” is a fable that teaches you the riches in the context of an imaginary city called Babylon.

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Few people love fiction books because they create emotions in the reader’s mind. It could be love, humor, satire or fear. I do not know the cultural differences between the US states. By reading fictional novels written by authors at the time, I could easily imagine how people there are, how smart they are and what they do every day. No need to read history, just read novels from 1900-1950, you will know about economic conditions, scientific inventions, and social life.

Another advantage of fiction books is that it allows us to admire the imagination.Read a story and you will forget your childhood. That is why we love stories more than Sociology (history and economic boredom). Reading fiction will help you become a gentle and happy person.

Hư cấu hay phi hư cấu: Việc lựa chọn sách đúng có thể giúp cải ...

Russian literature is a great monument. If you have never tried, you have missed the greatest authors in the world. Starting from an energetic Alexander Puskin, the legendary Leo Tolstoy, the humorous Nikolai Gogol, the elegant gentleman Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Ivan Turgenev sadly, they all created the golden age in Russian literature. The aforementioned gentlemen sent us great messages in the form of novels and short stories, everyday life in the eyes of Russian literature.

With the classics of English literature, no adjective can describe them all. From classics like Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf to modern ones like JK Rowling, Philip Pullman, Julian Barnes, each has their own magic and style. Oscar Wilde makes you laugh. Jane Austen makes you cry. JK Rowling makes you dream. Read the fictional books of great men.