The best movies based on the video games of all time (part 2)

The best movies based on the video games of all time (part 2)

4. Detective Pikachu

The moment we found out Ryan Reynolds would be voicing the fuzzy little yellow guy, we knew that Detective Pikachu would do justice to the Pokemon brand. The movie tells the story of 21-year-old Tim Goodman, who wants to find his missing investigator dad Henry and teams up with Pikachu in his process. Cue lots of sentimental stuff about family, lots of CGI, and enough jokes to choke a Snorlax.

Director Rob Letterman is in charge of an eclectic cast including pop singer Rita Ora, Ken Watanabe, Bill Nighy, and the DJ Diplo.

6. Prince of Persia

The whole Jake Gyllenhaal playing a Persian dude thing is somehow stupid; however, if you don’t care the whitewashing, what remains is a movie that – while you might not want to see it time and time again – is still one of the more passable video game movie efforts. Gyllenhaal seems to pop off the screen in his role as the eponymous Prince as well as the time-rewinding aspect of the film still holds up pretty well given a rewatch. However, the movie Prince of Persia is paper-thin.

5. Ratchet and Clank

In spite of only being released in 2016, it seems that time has forgotten the movie debut of Ratchet and Clank. Yes, it made a loss and it’s packed with weird casting choices but it is actually not that bad since the retooled origin story is let to stand on its own feet.

It might lack the charm and humor of the PlayStation platformers and it is definitely not Pixar-level in terms of the animation, but it will surely kill 90 minutes. As much of a backhanded compliment that sounds, it is really not: Ratchet and Clank is a competent family-friendly movie which delivers on bringing the unusual pairing of a Lombax and a robot to the big screen – and makes it fun.