The best fiction books about World War II (part 2)

The best fiction books about World War II (part 2)


‘The Secret of Raven Point’ by Jennifer Vanderbes

‘The Secret of Raven Point’ is such a beautifully crafted novel. The depiction of war and suffering in this book, especially that experienced by hospitalized soldiers, is so powerful. It may be not easy to read at times due to its vivid imagery, but its gore and violence are not without purpose. The descriptions combined with the major character’s search for her brother will make you weepy, but it’s all worth it.

‘Code Name Verity’ by Elizabeth Wein

‘Code Name Verity’ is another must-read book about World War II. From the beginning, it shows clearly that the narrator is an unreliable one (because she’s a female spy), but the tale that she weaves for her captors about her experience, secrets, and relationships will keep you glued to the book until the very end page.

‘Girl in the Blue Coat’ by Monica Hesse

One of the best depictions of life during World War II is what take place far from the front lines; however, instead, focus on the people who are trying to live their lives as normally as possible. ‘Girl in the Blue Coat’ tells the story of Hanneke, a Dutch girl, who is trying to do that meanwhile trying to do her part to help the resistance, too. When she is asked to track down a young girl that has gone missing, we follow her as she finds out how dangerous the Nazi influence over her town, and her country, has become.

‘The Kennedy Debutante’ by Kerri Maher

You may have been familiar with the Kennedy family, but do you know about Kit Kennedy? Her life isn’t discussed as much as her brother’s. But “The Kennedy Debutante” of Kerri Maher gives Kit her due, and then some. This novel, inspired by true events, tells the tale of her aspirations as well as her struggles amongst the backdrop of World War II. Taking place largely in London, it may help you see the World War 2 in a new light.