The best fiction books about World War II (part 1)

The best fiction books about World War II (part 1)

Although it may be a popular genre, there are only a few historical fiction books about World War II that can truly capture the danger and nuance of that period of time in our world’s history. And if you love reading fiction books set during World War II, we’ve compiled here the list for your to-read pile. From alternative histories added to interesting “What If?” to highlight life’s certain aspects at that time to novels which focus on the amazing and maybe untold accomplishments and contributions of women in wartime, the novels in this list run the gamut of the human experience during one of the most fascinating harrowing periods of the world’s history. That’s the reason why we’ve deemed them to be truly…

‘The Lost Letter’ by Jillian Cantor

‘The Lost Letter’ is a historical fiction novel which tells not only from two different time periods but also from two different perspectives. An intriguing stamp on an intriguing letter set into motion a fascinating search and investigation for truth. It is one of the books which will grab you from the beginning and won’t let you go till you’ve finished it.

‘The Alice Network’ by Kate Quinn

‘The Alice Network’ is another must-read book in this particular genre. It’s the novel by which all other historical fiction books about World War II are measured against, honestly. This enthralling story combines intrigue and heart-wrenching scenes of love and loss, putting the readers right in the middle of the chaos during World War II.

‘Nadya’s War’ by C.S. Taylor

‘Nadya’s War’ is really the only World War II novel here that is completely told from a non-Western viewpoint while we may have encountered the experience of World War II from Brits’and Americans’ perspectives. This fiction book by C.S. Taylor gives us an interesting glimpse into a life which we couldn’t otherwise imagine.