Must Read Fantasy Books

Fantasy books allow us to dip into our wildest imaginations and discover new worlds through the eyes of a writer. Of course, there are some books that don’t really appeal to us, but these same books might just be one of the best reads for someone else. As some would already know, fantasy offers a broad category, especially since writers come up with unique tales, starting with monsters way back in medieval times through to fantasy worlds where all the weird and wonderful things happen.

It doesn’t matter what type of fantasy books you’re into, the fact is, there’s a book for all of us to enjoy. We’ve found some the books that are sure to appeal to a large variety of readers, but instead of including sci-fi and single books, we’ll only focus on series. Of course, of series only consist of a single book, which still applies here. Let’s have a look at some of the best fantasy books worth getting into:

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

American Gods offers an interesting read that features the old gods who arrived in America along with their people. However, now many years later, new gods have taken over, including things like drugs, media, the internet as much more. Of course, no one believes in the old gods anymore, including Norse gods and many others.

The story begins with Shadow Moon who gets out of prison after finding out his wife had passed away in a car crash. On the flight home, he meets Mr. Wednesday on the pain and gets a job that introduces him to the gods, both new and old who about to battle for power over the Americans.

The Gunslinger – Stephen King

The Gunslinger is the first book of a series called the Dark Tower. The book introduces the last mid-world slinger and his take to finding the dark tower. As we all know, Stephen King can get involved with incredible details and introduce a world of interesting characters to take fantasy beyond your wildest imagination.

The books tell the tale of how Roland (the gunslinger) travels to the dark tower but founds out that the elements of his world are falling apart. Everything including time, space, dimensions are more are controlled by inviable magnetic beams, which are shifting out of place and could end up wiping out their existence.

Discworld – Terry Pratchett

Discworld introduces a completely new touch to the possible worlds and provides a massive series of books that revolve around different characters of the book and how things world on this flat Discworld, which is carried by elephants on the back of a massive turtle swimming through space. Without a doubt, the series presents an interesting tale of events, especially since it’s a series.

The book contains many mythical creators from mirrored worlds and the creations presented by the magical world it exists in. Each of the books in the series introduces more of these characters, allowing readers to enjoy a broad world of opportunities.