5 science fiction books to help explore the vast universe (Part 2)

5 science fiction books to help explore the vast universe (Part 2)

The First Men in the Moon – H.G. Wells

The First Men in the Moon is about a trip to the Moon by a recently failed businessman and an eccentric scientist who studies an anti-gravity material.

After setting foot on that unusual land, the two men realized that the Moon was not like humans had thought, they soon encountered a species that lived under this small satellite.

H.G. Wells is the most famous English writer with science fiction novels like Time Machine, World War, Invisible Man. With his vast knowledge of the world around him and his incredible imagination, Wells has been nominated for a Nobel Prize for literature four times. He, along with Hugo Gernsback and Jules Verne, the author of Twenty thousand miles under the sea, are considered to be “the fathers of science fiction”.

The First Men in the Moon by H G Wells

The Pioneer on the Moon was originally serialized in The Strand Magazine for almost a year from 12/1900 to 8/1901. The book has been made four times, the first film released in 1902 has been combined with two other novels of Verne: From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon to retell an adventure on the Moon.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

An office worker is suddenly traveling in the middle of the galaxy thanks to a notebook and an alien friend who saves him in a snap before the Earth explodes.

From there, they meet jokes and jokes in the middle of the universe, clash with dozens of space creatures and meet a group of people – robots who are planning to rebuild a second Earth.

Books] The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas ...

Douglas Adams is an English writer and screenwriter known for his many humorous works. He co-wrote the script for 3 episodes of the popular TV series Doctor Who and many radio programs that were widely watched by the audience. The Secret Book of Hitchhiking to the Milky Way is inspired by the desire to wander among the stars after Adams’ tired journeys from England to Turkey.

With a humorous, satirical tone, the work has been regarded as a bedside pillow for many generations of readers who love the science fiction genre, as well as anyone who wants to explore the wide galaxy. big universe.

Beacon 23 – Hugh Howey

Beacon 23 revolves around the story of the Digger – an anonymous war hero now tasked with looking after a space signal station.

Day after day, he was tasked with guiding the spacecraft to safely move across the galaxy in a lonely and boring way. But as space wars began to break out, he gradually became swept up in the climax of the war, remembering his own painful past.

Hugh Howey is an American writer famous for his series of science fiction books, most notably the Silo series set in the post-apocalyptic Earth. Howey is considered a young writer but has made a great contribution to the science fiction genre. He loves short stories, sailing and life integrated with nature.

Beacon 23 consists of 5 separate short stories and is published on Amazon before being aggregated into a complete book. The book often reminds him of Mars and Ender’s Game when he focuses on depicting the cosmic loneliness of the main characters.